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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayPX121Boram Airport (PG)10:00
MondayPX161Goroka Airport (PG)10:56
MondayPX103Nadzab Airport (PG)11:40
MondayPX183Mount Hagen Airport (PG)12:15
MondayPX865Tari Airport (PG)13:10
MondayPX155Gurney Airport (PG)12:31
MondayPX2Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport (AU)14:45
MondayPX251Buka Airport (PG)14:20
MondayPX185Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:10
MondayPX241Hoskins Airport (PG)14:20
MondayPX105Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
MondayPX209Nadzab Airport (PG)15:05
MondayPX801Daru Airport (PG)15:45
MondayPX187Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:40
MondayPX131Vanimo Airport (PG)16:50
MondayPX165Goroka Airport (PG)17:01
MondayPX903Kiunga Airport (PG)18:15
MondayPX189Mount Hagen Airport (PG)17:40
MondayPX857Girua Airport (PG)17:44
MondayPX107Nadzab Airport (PG)18:30
MondayPX11Ninoy Aquino International Airport (PH)05:04
TuesdayPX121Boram Airport (PG)10:00
TuesdayPX181Mount Hagen Airport (PG)10:45
TuesdayPX161Goroka Airport (PG)10:56
TuesdayPX103Nadzab Airport (PG)11:40
TuesdayPX183Mount Hagen Airport (PG)12:15
TuesdayPX155Gurney Airport (PG)12:31
TuesdayPX185Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:10
TuesdayPX241Hoskins Airport (PG)14:20
TuesdayPX991Wapenamanda Airport (PG)15:15
TuesdayPX105Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
TuesdayPX295Madang Airport (PG)15:30
TuesdayPX129Nadzab Airport (PG)15:35
TuesdayPX187Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:40
TuesdayPX4Brisbane Airport (AU)17:21
TuesdayPX141Boram Airport (PG)16:15
TuesdayPX271Kavieng (PG)17:35
TuesdayPX165Goroka (PG)17:01
TuesdayPX189Mount Hagen (PG)17:40
TuesdayPX107Nadzab Airport (PG)18:30
TuesdayPX801Daru Airport (PG)18:40
TuesdayPX393Changi International Airport (SG)04:31
WednesdayPX181Mount Hagen (PG)10:45
WednesdayPX161Goroka Airport (PG)10:56
WednesdayPX93Cairns Airport (AU)11:24
WednesdayPX865Tari Airport (PG)11:55
WednesdayPX4Brisbane Airport (AU)13:40
WednesdayPX103Nadzab Airport (PG)11:40
WednesdayPX183Mount Hagen Airport (PG)12:15
WednesdayPX155Gurney Airport (PG)12:11
WednesdayPX251Buka Airport (PG)14:20
WednesdayPX185Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:00
WednesdayPX241Hoskins Airport (PG)14:20
WednesdayPX803Kiunga Airport (PG)15:30
WednesdayPX105Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
WednesdayPX209Nadzab Airport (PG)15:05
WednesdayPX187Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:40
WednesdayPX223Boram Airport (PG)16:10
WednesdayPX279Kavieng Airport (PG)18:05
WednesdayPX165Goroka Airport (PG)17:01
WednesdayPX189Mount Hagen Airport (PG)17:30
WednesdayPX113Madang Airport (PG)17:35
WednesdayPX857Girua Airport (PG)17:44
WednesdayPX805Daru Airport (PG)18:20
WednesdayPX107Nadzab Airport (PG)18:30
ThursdayPX7393Singapore (SG)16:02
ThursdayPX991Wapenamanda (PG)11:45
ThursdayPX181Mount Hagen Airport (PG)10:45
ThursdayPX161Goroka Airport (PG)10:56
ThursdayPX4Brisbane Airport (AU)13:12
ThursdayPX103Nadzab Airport (PG)11:40
ThursdayPX183Mount Hagen Airport (PG)12:15
ThursdayPX155Gurney Airport (PG)12:31
ThursdayPX185Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:10
ThursdayPX241Hoskins Airport (PG)14:20
ThursdayPX105Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
ThursdayPX129Nadzab Airport (PG)15:35
ThursdayPX187Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:40
ThursdayPX141Boram Airport (PG)16:15
ThursdayPX291Momote Airport (PG)16:25
ThursdayPX271Kavieng Airport (PG)17:35
ThursdayPX4707Lae (PG)16:20
ThursdayPX165Goroka Airport (PG)17:01
ThursdayPX113Madang Airport (PG)17:10
ThursdayPX189Mount Hagen Airport (PG)17:40
ThursdayPX857Girua Airport (PG)17:44
ThursdayPX107Nadzab Airport (PG)18:30
ThursdayPX393Changi International Airport (SG)04:50
ThursdayPX19Hong Kong International Airport (HK)05:45
ThursdayPX9397Kuching Airport (MY)07:17
FridayPX121Boram Airport (PG)10:00
FridayPX181Mount Hagen (PG)10:45
FridayPX161Goroka Airport (PG)10:56
FridayPX4991Wapenamanda (PG)11:45
FridayPX865Tari Airport (PG)11:55
FridayPX103Nadzab Airport (PG)11:40
FridayPX24Brisbane Airport (AU)14:08
FridayPX183Mount Hagen Airport (PG)12:15
FridayPX155Gurney Airport (PG)12:11
FridayPX185Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:00
FridayPX4255Buka Airport (PG)14:20
FridayPX241Hoskins Airport (PG)14:20
FridayPX105Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
FridayPX905Daru Airport (PG)15:30
FridayPX113Madang Airport (PG)15:30
FridayPX4Brisbane Airport (AU)17:50
FridayPX801Daru Airport (PG)15:45
FridayPX187Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:40
FridayPX857Girua Airport (PG)15:29
FridayPX209Nadzab Airport (PG)16:45
FridayPX165Goroka Airport (PG)17:01
FridayPX189Mount Hagen Airport (PG)17:30
FridayPX141Boram Airport (PG)18:30
FridayPX107Nadzab Airport (PG)18:30
FridayPX393Changi International Airport (SG)05:00
SaturdayPX121Boram Airport (PG)10:00
SaturdayPX181Mount Hagen Airport (PG)10:45
SaturdayPX161Goroka Airport (PG)10:56
SaturdayPX93Cairns (AU)11:40
SaturdayPX4Brisbane Airport (AU)13:40
SaturdayPX103Nadzab Airport (PG)11:40
SaturdayPX183Mount Hagen Airport (PG)12:10
SaturdayPX155Gurney Airport (PG)12:31
SaturdayPX805Daru Airport (PG)14:05
SaturdayPX185Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:00
SaturdayPX129Nadzab Airport (PG)14:15
SaturdayPX241Hoskins Airport (PG)14:20
SaturdayPX105Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
SaturdayPX187Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:40
SaturdayPX291Momote Airport (PG)16:25
SaturdayPX271Kavieng Airport (PG)17:35
SaturdayPX131Vanimo Airport (PG)17:05
SaturdayPX165Goroka Airport (PG)17:01
SaturdayPX113Madang Airport (PG)17:10
SaturdayPX189Mount Hagen Airport (PG)17:30
SaturdayPX857Girua Airport (PG)17:44
SaturdayPX107Nadzab Airport (PG)18:30
SaturdayPX11Ninoy Aquino International Airport (PH)05:00
SundayPX121Boram Airport (PG)10:00
SundayPX181Mount Hagen Airport (PG)10:45
SundayPX271Kavieng Airport (PG)12:20
SundayPX161Goroka Airport (PG)10:56
SundayPX991Wapenamanda Airport (PG)11:55
SundayPX103Nadzab Airport (PG)11:40
SundayPX183Mount Hagen Airport (PG)12:15
SundayPX155Gurney Airport (PG)12:11
SundayPX4002Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport (AU)15:19
SundayPX185Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:00
SundayPX241Hoskins Airport (PG)14:20
SundayPX105Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
SundayPX209Nadzab Airport (PG)15:05
SundayPX293Nadzab Airport (PG)15:20
SundayPX141Boram Airport (PG)16:15
SundayPX279Kavieng Airport (PG)18:05
SundayPX165Goroka Airport (PG)17:01
SundayPX189Mount Hagen Airport (PG)17:30
SundayPX857Girua Airport (PG)17:44
SundayPX805Daru Airport (PG)18:20
SundayPX107Nadzab Airport (PG)18:30
SundayPX393Changi International Airport (SG)04:50
SundayPX19Hong Kong International Airport (HK)05:20
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
PX7393 on 01/2022
PX183 on 03/2021
PX4 on 03/2021
PX4 on 03/2021
PX393 on 02/2021
PX4 on 01/2021
PX11 on 01/2021
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PX4 on 01/2021
PX4 on 12/2020
PX4 on 12/2020
PX4 on 12/2020
PX4 on 12/2020
PX4 on 12/2020
PX4 on 11/2020
PX93 on 11/2020
PX11 on 11/2020
PX11 on 11/2020
PX4 on 11/2020
PX93 on 11/2020
PX4 on 11/2020
PX4 on 11/2020
PX93 on 10/2020
PX4 on 10/2020
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Moderate rain
Humidity: 70%
Wind: WNW at 28km/h
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