Port Moresby Airport

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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayCG1675Unknown airport (NL)10:51
MondayCG8601Nadzab Airport (PG)11:55
MondayCG1495Mount Hagen Airport (PG)13:15
MondayCG1507Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
MondayCG1409Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:30
MondayCG1309Daru Airport (PG)15:20
MondayCG1563Goroka Airport (PG)17:50
TuesdayCG8601Nadzab Airport (PG)11:55
TuesdayCG1307Kiunga Airport (PG)13:25
TuesdayCG1623Mount Hagen Airport (PG)13:19
TuesdayCG1495Mount Hagen Airport (PG)13:15
TuesdayCG1643Gurney Airport (PG)14:25
TuesdayCG1677Girua Airport (PG)16:44
TuesdayCG1563Goroka Airport (PG)17:50
TuesdayCG8563Goroka Airport (PG)18:35
TuesdayCG1509Nadzab Airport (PG)19:05
WednesdayCG1641Gurney Airport (PG)11:35
WednesdayCG8601Nadzab Airport (PG)11:55
WednesdayCG1491Wapenamanda Airport (PG)13:20
WednesdayCG1409Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:30
WednesdayCG1309Daru Airport (PG)15:20
WednesdayCG8507Nadzab Airport (PG)15:30
WednesdayCG8545Mount Hagen Airport (PG)18:50
WednesdayCG1673Girua Airport (PG)18:04
ThursdayCG8601Nadzab Airport (PG)11:55
ThursdayCG1495Mount Hagen Airport (PG)13:15
ThursdayCG1409Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:30
ThursdayCG8507Nadzab Airport (PG)15:30
ThursdayCG1563Goroka Airport (PG)17:50
ThursdayCG8509Nadzab Airport (PG)19:05
FridayCG8601Nadzab Airport (PG)11:55
FridayCG8721Nadzab Airport (PG)12:45
FridayCG8495Mount Hagen Airport (PG)14:25
FridayCG1409Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:30
FridayCG1563Goroka Airport (PG)17:50
FridayCG1673Girua Airport (PG)18:04
FridayCG1509Nadzab Airport (PG)19:05
SaturdayCG8601Nadzab Airport (PG)11:55
SaturdayCG8721Lae (PG)12:45
SaturdayCG1547Moro Airport (PG)14:20
SaturdayCG1643Gurney Airport (PG)14:25
SaturdayCG1409Mount Hagen Airport (PG)15:30
SaturdayCG8507Nadzab Airport (PG)15:30
SaturdayCG1677Popondetta (PG)16:54
SaturdayCG8563Goroka Airport (PG)17:50
SaturdayCG8623Mount Hagen Airport (PG)18:10
SundayCG8641Gurney Airport (PG)11:35
SundayCG8601Nadzab Airport (PG)11:55
SundayCG8721Nadzab Airport (PG)12:45
SundayCG1543Mount Hagen Airport (PG)13:10
SundayCG1507Nadzab Airport (PG)14:50
SundayCG1677Girua Airport (PG)16:54
SundayCG1563Goroka Airport (PG)17:50
SundayCG1545Mount Hagen Airport (PG)18:50
SundayCG8509Nadzab Airport (PG)19:05
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
CG954 on 01/2021
CG954 on 03/2020
CG950 on 02/2020
CG954 on 08/2019
CG954 on 04/2019
CG954 on 04/2019
CG954 on 02/2019
CG954 on 12/2018
CG2 on 12/2018
CG954 on 11/2018
CG954 on 08/2018
CG954 on 07/2018
CG954 on 07/2018
CG8623 on 05/2018
CG8721 on 03/2018
CG8721 on 03/2018
CG8677 on 03/2018
CG8545 on 03/2018
CG8623 on 03/2018
CG8677 on 03/2018
CG8509 on 03/2018
CG8541 on 02/2018
CG8677 on 02/2018
CG8509 on 02/2018
Weather in Port Moresby

Humidity: 94%
Wind: SE at 0km/h
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